Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I register in the compitition?
You can register using the link:
2When is the last day to receive entries?
The last day to receive entries is August 20th, 2022
3When will the winning projects be announced?
Winning projects will be announced in October 2022
4Can I register in both tracks? (roundabouts and public squares)
Yes you can.
5I registered as an individual, can I add a member to become a group?
Sure, you can add the new member name in the notes section when submitting the link to your project.
6I have a design, can I register in the compition?
Yes you can participate as long as all the terms and requirements are met, you can view them here:
7What are the files that should be submitted?
The designs must be submitted in high quality PowerPoint format containing:

General site plan
Design concept
Master plan
3D perspectives
Video (optional) (1920 * 1080) pixels
8How can I submit my entry?
You can submit you design by signing in to your account, and uploading a link to your files.