Mujassam Watan

is a competetion launched in 2018 by Al Fozan Social Foundation, with the aim to shed more light on the talents of youth by giving them the opportunity to compete in designing creative, symbolic, and artistic landmarks that express national unity and the history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The winning designs are built in one of the Kingdom’s public areas or squares and inaugurated on the Saudi National Day every year.

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Public Squares

Participation Requirements

Entries can be submitted by Saudi engineering offices and universities, as well as individuals from inside and outside KSA (both genders).

It is allowed to submit entries in the form of groups or individuals.

Participations must be within the specified locations for each cycle (so that each participation is in a specific location).

The submitted entries must be original and dedicated to the Mujassam Watan competition (did not participate with the same design in any other competition before).

Participation Requirements

Designs must reflect the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its cultural stock, in a symbolic and creative form that harmonizes with the surrounding urban environment.

The submitted work should have artistic value.

The provided design must be executable and chosen materials and mechanism of implementation should be specified.

The projects that are selected for implementation are the intellectual property of the Mujassam Watan competition, while preserving the rights of the designers.

In the event of any dispute over the intellectual property of the submitted design, the responsibility rests with the owner of the participation without any responsibility on the Mujassam Watan competition.

The contest organizers have the right to choose any of the submitted designs that were not selected by the jury for implementation at any time after the end of the cycle.

Participants must conduct an analytical study of the site that includes the internal and external movement of it and its visual and aesthetic relationship to the place.

The submitted design must be thorough, explaining the elements and details of its intellectual meaning.

The designs must be submitted in high quality PowerPoint format containing:

  • General site plan
  • Design concept
  • Master plan
  • Sections
  • Elevations
  • 3D perspectives
  • Video (optional) (1920 * 1080) pixels

Competition Prize

The winning projects will be awarded a monetary prize of


Saudi Riyals *

* 50% of the prize money is awarded after announcing the winner, and 50% after the project is implemented.